Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (HKCPEC)


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The Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (HKCPEC) was established in March 1990. The current terms of reference of HKCPEC are:

“To advise the Government on matters relating to the participation of Hong Kong, China in the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) and to coordinate Hong Kong, China’s participation to the Council.”

Similar to PECC, HKCPEC is tripartite in nature, consisting representatives from the academic, business and government sectors.

HKCPEC participates actively at PECC, and attend regularly to PECC meetings, projects and seminars. We participate in the yearly project of PECC on “The State of the Region” Survey. This survey report summarizes the economic forecasts from PECC member economies, and features information and analysis on a cross-cutting theme that is of relevance to the region.

In recent years, HKCPEC has been focusing on reaching out to the young people and students in Hong Kong, to promote issues on regional cooperation. We nominate Hong Kong students to take up internship positions at the PECC International Secretariat in Singapore. We also organize Youth Programmes and activities to reach out to the local community.

The HKCPEC Secretariat is served by the Trade and Industry Department.